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       Mrs. Alyce Cook
        San Joaquin County
2015 Teacher of the Year Finalist

     Mrs. JoAnn Smiley
Happy Retirement
   Banta Elementary School
              38 Years



Welcome to our new district website.
You can now access Banta Elementary School's and
NextGeneration STEAM Academy's websites by using the
"Select a School" pull down menu on the top left corner
of this page.  We are in the process of updating our
websites so thank you for your patience.

Website Under Construction

Our district website's addresses have also changed:

Banta Elementary School District: www.bantaesd.net
Banta Elementary School: www.bes.bantaesd.net
NextGeneration STEAM Academy: www.nextgen.bantaesd.net

Thanks for visiting Banta Elementary School

Banta Elementary School District is comprised of one school site with a student population of approximately 325 students. It is a K-8 school with students graduating and going on to high school in the Tracy Unified School District. There are 14 classroom teachers and 1 Resource Specialist. There is class size reduction in grades K-3 with full day kindergarten. The location of Banta School allows for a country setting and atmosphere and its size affords special attention for all students. There is an abundance of community support and Banta’s test scores are consistently at the top of the list. Though it is classified as a rural school, technology and classroom learning are evident throughout the site and the school receives direct services from the San Joaquin County Office of Education to keep it abreast with the latest curriculum developments.

There will be tremendous growth in the district in the coming years. A master planned development will bring at least 11,000 homes to the school district. This will generate at least 6,000 additional K-8 students. Banta is presently continuing to maintain a 21st century education for its existing site while constantly preparing for the future.

Banta Elementary is a learning community dedicated to meeting the needs of each learner within its walls. Staff takes seriously their commitment to educating the whole child and accepting no excuses in terms of student performance. Going the extra mile is the norm, not the exception.